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Mahenti Real Estate is one of the fastest growing company in UAE, established in 1995 by Mr.Abdul Ghaffar Mahenti and expended by his son Mr. Muhammad Ali Mahenti in Dubai and Ajman in 2010. Now we extended our business in Pakistan as well. If you are a home owner and wanted to sale or rent your property in Dubai or looking a better home Dubai. We can provide outstanding services with our dedicated team and more than 23 years’ experience in Real Estate Services.

Mahenti Real Estate is a new way of looking at Dubai properties. It brings together information and facts about almost every property and neighborhood in the country. Being one of the professional property consultants, we offer a one-stop solution to all the property needs of our clients and provide a service that brings back our buyers and sellers with more prospective clients in the future.

The clients can also avail assistance in services like property estimation, research on the property, investment prospects and expert consulting services along with other need based services like property marketing, feasibility studies and the client’s needs to buy, sell, lease or rent properties. We offer clients easier ways to discover lucrative real estate requirements.

We provide property owners and buyers with great information to make the buying and selling process easier. We believe in the principle of Its always better to have more information – especially when that information is relevant and well presented. we will constantly be adding content and information as well as new ways of helping you get more out of the site -so keep coming back and checking the way we are striving to make the site better.

In order to accessible 24/7, provides details about the various property deals that are available across our business regions to the clients. We also provide an active customer support system where the organization staff can be contacted for property consultations at any time.

Looking Better home Dubai?

If you are going to sale or looking a better home Dubai then Mahenti real estate will be right choice to deal with. With our thousands listing properties we can help you to find better home Dubai or any state in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. Whether you live alone, as a couple or with parents or a large family. We can help you to find a good property that suits your choice.

We can help to Sale your Property throughout the simple process


The most common mistake while you selling your property is Incorrect Pricing. If the value is too high then comparable property appear as better value and it might be sale instead of yours. If you set your property value too low you will have to sacrificing profit unnecessarily. We are professional and moving with the market movement, Demand, Condition and BIG YES, Your Property Location. Our agent know all these factors and can advise you on Value strategy.


Once you set a good price of your property then you need to fix and repair every single aspects of your property. As we all know when buyer look some poor maintenance they may think of other potential problems. Well maintain property always appeal good impression on buyer and they falling in love with your property. Our Professional team can instantly advise these issue in order to fit your property while sell.


A Good and targeted marketing will be the third point we always used in order to reach a good buyer for your property. A Good quality picture with all amenities and other related contents with video etc. always needs a good platform to display to get maximum impression. Our professional team always take care all this things and suggest improvements that will increase the overall results to sale property on fast track with maximum profit.


Abdul Ghaffar Mahenti

Abdul Ghaffar Mahenti

Chairman of Company

Abdul Ghaffar Mahenti is highly qualified Executive person. In 1978, He founded Mahenti Real Estate Firm. His goal was to expand the scope of services offered to his clients and provide the same work ethic and integrity.

He has a message to his juniors:  “Tremendous performance is a guarantee of future success

Muhammad Ali Mahenti

Muhammad Ali Mahenti

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Muhammad Ali Mahenti started his work as a CEO in 1998. During his successful career, he became one of the leading investors in Dubai having closed over more than 1000 sales transactions. He has message to real estate agents:

He has a message to his juniors:  “The best investment on earth is earth

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